Everything you intended, nothing you didn’t.

Whatever it is you make, you likely poured your heart and soul into it. So you want to be sure that nothing adversely affects the taste of the beverage you worked so hard to craft. That’s why glass makes an ideal container.

Made from pure components, glass is nonreactive, so nothing seeps into your beverage that could potentially alter its taste. And colored bottles help protect your product from UV rays. It only makes sense that the material your customers pour their beverages into should be the same material they’re poured out of.

• Glass is pure, nontoxic and will not alter the taste of food or beverages.

• Colored glass helps protect products from the effects of harmful UV rays.

• 90% of consumers favor glass because it preserves the taste or flavor of the food and beverage it contains.*

(*) Ecofocus Worldwide Research, 2016