From the earth and back again.

Glass is of the very earth itself. Sand, limestone and soda ash are heated to just over 2,800° F, and melted to make one of the purest substances known to man. Odorless, flavorless and safe, glass is nature’s storage container.

The beauty of the glass creation process, and the raw materials from which glass is made, is that it can be melted back down and recycled forever. In fact, glass is100% recycable, making it one of the most sustainable products available. Because today’s more informed consumers care, not only about what’s in their foods and beverages, but also the packaging that houses them, glass is an ideal choice.

  • More than half of consumers are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products.*
  • Glass is local. Our raw materials are sourced from within a day’s drive of our plants and the majority of our products are available in less than a day’s drive from our customers.
  • All O-I glass is formulated with recycled glass – the containers we produce can contain as much as 65% recycled glass.

(*) Ecofocus Worldwide Research: Consumer Research on Health, Taste and Environmental Concerns Regarding Food and Beverage Packaging, November 2013