Glass magnifies.

It’s been said that image is everything. We’d argue with that notion a bit, because the products you make, and we make, matter. That said, when you’ve worked hard to create a quality beverage, you want that quality reflected in its packaging. Nothing enables you to do that better than glass.

Glass, with its honest purity and myriad shape and color options, allows you to project an image that enhances your brand. Whatever it is you want your consumers to know about your product as they mull over which beverage to purchase, glass can help you convey.

Quality, you see, isn’t one broad, vague thing. It’s a set of very specific things that come together to reflect what your brand truly is. In this regard, glass magnifies.

• Glass, with its premium qualities, magnifies the good qualities of your brand.

• Glass, with its flexibility in color and shape, can help you convey any image.

• 81% of consumers believe glass bottles contain the highest quality products.*

(*) SurveyUSA, 2016