Good for consumers is great for your brand.

Emerging technology, and the internet in particular, has brought us squarely into the Information Age. Product information (and, yes, sometimes misinformation) is now at everyone’s fingertips. But this can be beneficial, especially if you make a great product and sell it in glass.

There’s no mystery behind glass. It’s made from the very earth itself and has been since our planet was born. Glass is prized for its quality and rightfully regarded among the healthiest and safest of all packaging options because of its purity.

When you sell your product in glass, that image of purity is passed along. In the age of the informed consumer, glass is the informed packaging choice.

• We live in an era where product and packaging information is available with a few keystrokes. And if you’re packaging your product in pure, honest glass, you can leverage that.

• Today’s consumer cares about how food is packaged and preserved: 85% of consumers say that some packaaging containers can leave undesirable chemicals in their food and beverages, and 62% have changed what they buy to reduce their exposure.*

(*) SurevyUSA October 2016 poll